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Standard Primary Care Year Estimates 2012 Class Year

The Standard Primary Care Year is a common sense measuring tool. Graduates must meet all of 4 criteria to deliver primary care - train in primary care, remain in primary care, serve long careers, and deliver signficant volume.
It is not enough just to graduate primary care - especially with US policies that drive primary care graduates away from primary care before training, during training, and each year after graduation.
The Standard Primary Care Year estimate = Average Career Years X % remaining in PC for a career X % active for a career X % volume.

Update for 2014 Class Year

Clinician Activity Over a CareerPrimary Care RetentionVolume per FTECareer YearsStandard Primary Care YearsOffice Primary Care ProductDuluth80.0%43.8%99.4%34.011.8535.1%Top Osteopathic80.0%33.2%98.7%34.08.9226.6%Caribbean MD80.0%30.5%97.4%34.08.0824.4%Physician Assistants75.0%42.4%75.0%31.07.3931.8%US DO80.0%22.3%95.0%34.05.7717.9%International NonCit MD80.0%19.7%94.5%34.05.0515.7%NP Masters60.0%50.0%70.0%23.04.…