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The Glut of Health Workforce Exposed But Ignored

When you spend a decade or more preparing and training for a career as a physician or as a nurse practitioner, you expect that you life will improve with your new employment. This is no longer a reliable expectation. Decades of overproduction of NP, PA, DO, and MD graduates will have consequences for graduates as well as for our nation.

High debt from tuition, higher cost of living, the challenges of becoming a young health professional, and the difficulties dealing with employers that hold all the cards - will collaborate for worsening outcomes. The burnout, turnover, productivity, and suicide issues will intensify.

Slowing Population Growth Magnifies Overproduction

The new census figures indicate a slowing of population growth. This translates to a glut of health care workforce even worse than previously projected. Previous calculations of expansions used 0.72% as the annual growth rate from older census data. The newer figures are 0.62%. The decline will continue to 0.6% or lower.