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Big Corporations Already Disrupt Health Care

Today as more big corporations capture national attention as they enter the fray to "fix" health care, you will see more promotions by a wide range of corporations. Many of them brand spanking new and financed by those who already profit most, including their health care investments. These consultants, corporations, and "experts" are complicating not only the work of those who deliver the care, but also their lives. Micromanagement of costs and of quality are still considered to be "good" even though the evidence base indicates no improvements in cost saving or in outcomes.
Micromanagment of health care steals the dollars needed to support those who deliver the care and also steals time from their relationships with patients, team members, and family members. The same is true with micromanagement and measurement focus in education. Together these dollar diversions of tens of billions result in better for the few in higher concentrations and worse for mo…