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Reforming the Reforms of the Reformers

Numerous documents indicate the reasons for increasing US health care costs. Most are written by the designers of health care. This puts them in the unique position of not understanding health care cost, quality, and access from the perspective of most of the American people as they care so little for them - by design. 
The Seven Drivers are listed from Kaiser Health News (KHN) which use the Bipartisan Committee as a source. The numbered statements are from them. The rest is from RCB.
1. We pay our doctors, hospitals and other medical providers in ways that reward doing more, rather than being efficient
The KHN says fee for service is bad. It certainly is the way that non-primary care manages to find ways to generate more revenue and bypass any cost saving reforms. Fee for service has been the way to build services and workforce – with the consequence of high costs.
Fee for service is a way to reward volume and development of services and workforce, along with better fees for the service…