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Micromanagement Steals Creativity and Many Billions of Dollars

Calculations reveal just how much micromanagement is costing primary care practices where they are most needed. The costs involve other specialties that are also basic, smaller, less organized, and most needed. With reflection, the epidemic of measurement has had even greater spread. Micromanagement costs and consequences devastate education in these same lowest concentration counties.

Primary Care in 2621 Lowest Workforce Concentration Counties 

The calculations reveal at least 8 billion dollars less remaining to invest in primary care in 2621 counties lowest in concentrations of primary care, health care workforce, and physicians. The same financial designs that impact primary care also impact nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and physicians. Women's health and basic surgical services are impacted.

Measurement focus in health care has attempted to improve costs and quality
But costs have been increased by digitalization, innovation, certification, and regulationQuality …

Amazonian Concentrators Cannot Distribute Care Where Needed

Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and Chase grabbed headlines and many speculated on disrupting health care. In fact the headline alone sent health care stocks reeling. The power or concentrated dollars results in fear. To understand the power, follow the money.

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

The money trail tells you what you need to know about the designs and designers. The money trail for this Big 3 indicates concentrations of more dollars into the hand of fewer. Experts in the concentration of dollars will likely do no better than those who have concentrated health care dollars and workforce over the past century.

But there will be those who cheer the Big 3 on. Many hope that they will bust through resistance to implement a new regime in health care.

But in health care as in economics, education, housing, and more there is not a new regime.

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss
Meet the Old Bosses Who Best Adapt and Change To Maintain Control

In health care the changes in the w…