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Wrong Way Mental Health

Too little, too late, wrong workforce, wrong places - this is the story of health care workforce in the United States. Mental health is a primary example.

To have real solutions in mental health or in health care, there must be investment at the very start of health care problems - infancy or before. Unfortunately we expend national resources in health and education at the end of life, on few people, in few locations, on highly technical areas, with little result for the expenditure involved. Better children make better students and have better behaviors as children and adults. They have better jobs and make better decisions - including health care decisions. 

We must begin change at the beginning and avoid Wrong Way Mental Health.

Why Bring This Up

Advocacy is needed to change what our nation does, but sometimes advocacy groups distract people from the proper focus. The very start of mental health is the beginning of life.

The point of any article intent on changing mental health should b…