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Is the Institutes of Medicine Waking Up?

Population Based Care is a beginning for IOM. How about Basic Health Access for Most Americans?

The Institutes of Medicine plays a key role as a designer of health care. Up and coming health care designers and those established as designers are a part of the infrastructure of IOM. Designers move around between associations, corporations, institutions, and foundations to gain credentials to reach the IOM and other positions of influence.

Is the reality of designs and designers gone awry finally taking hold at IOM? Can IOM move from academic focus to a population based focus with more academics focused upon population health?

IOM has just now established a Roundtable on Population Health

This is decades after some understanding of the impact of smoking cessation upon population health - an impact greater than cancer research regarding evaluation and treatment until about 15 years ago. Until that time, population health mattered more than all of the research and development, the new treatme…

Cleaning Up Primary Care Reports

Highlights of the Sanders' Primary Care Report are Numbered and are followed by Critique
Senator Sanders and Fitzhugh Mullan MD are respected individuals. Their reports about health access make great contributions. There are errors in their assumptions about primary care workforce. Strong solutions can help recover primary care. Dilute primary care training solutions resulting in low proportions of graduates found in primary care workforce will not recover primary care.
For primary care recovery the United States must focus upon  Most primary care delivery per primary care graduateMost primary care where neededMore primary care spending, and More spending where health care spending is multiple times per person lower. National experts that truly want to recover primary care and basic health access must support these principles. Interventions must be consistent with these principles and must not result in the opposite effects. 
Interventions must avoid spending dollars upo…