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Real Health Care Solutions, Not Value Focus

The Value Based Movement lacks Value. It is important to understand how AAFP, Commonwealth, and others have arrived at their misguided focus about what is value.You will hear the various promotions constantly in journals, policy papers, and in the media. The following are more critical evaluations via Jha, Soumerai, Sullivan, CBO, Annals of IM, and others with my comments, critique, and assumptions regarding the real influences on outcomes.

I still have hope for associations and foundations, but they need new leadership and a return to missions such as health access – real health access.Their staff need to be re-educated regarding the true value of family physicians and others serving in teams on the front lines despite that greater challenges of the value-based focus.

Value, P4P, Performance Based Evidence Is Lacking

Annals of IM 1/17 in a comprehensive review did not indicate value for performance based incentives. Only process was improved.   It is hard to stop a Bandwagon, but a B…