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The Real Kerfuffle

Why have we not had progress in health access for decades? How is this related to "kerfuffle" or a commotion or fuss? The Real Kerfuffle is the commotion caused by various leaders who talk about health access and represent themselves in favor of health access while they distract our nation from health access by their kerfuffle.
This recent communication was received by "the faithful" from the leader of the family medicine board that determines FM certification. Maintenance of Certification exercises have been under attack for good reasons - limited value despite a great deal of time, effort, and cost by physicians. Internal medicine has made changes based on the evidence. Family medicine has not. In fact, FM leaders appear to avoid the evidence that is all around family physicians.
"My year as Chair of the Board has been very interesting, and I believe productive. Despite the kerfuffle in the press about MOC, the overwhelming majority of family physicians …