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Lets Take a Stand for Most Americans Instead of Against

This is my response to a mass email circulating the nation.
The email claims doom and gloom with ruin to come. While those who have read my work would claim that I do the same, my attempt is to raise awareness of solutions that do not work and will not work while focusing on solutions that have worked and will work.

The mass email blames more recent events and leaders rather than design changes and designers over the past 100 years and especially the past 30 years.

The email mentions democracies failing after 200 years or about the time since we have existed as a nation. It mentions the problem of democracies failing as they began to vote treasuries to few people - a real concern of all who desire equitable government.
What the emails assert provocatively and simplistically:
Let’s take a stand!!! Borders:    Closed! Language:    English only Culture:    Constitution,  and the Bill of Rights! Drug Free:  Mandatory Drug Screening before Welfare! NO freebies to:Non-Citizens! Lobbyist:   Gone!

Myth for the Cure: Essential for Disease Focus

Do no harm has lost its charm - when dollars are involved.
Do no harm is difficult when the focus is eliminating disease. Nearly all of the disease-focused treatments cause harm and some cause substantial harm to people, to groups, or to entire nations. Harm can be direct to patients or indirect within health care. At ever more spent on health care, disease focus can wreck and entire nation and impact the world. The United States has a way of impacting many others throughout the globe by its designs and the consequences of these designs.
Race for the Cure is the recent best example of disease focused health care. The Pinking of America, Million Hearts Campaigns, Four Diseases focus of global health care, and Radiology Screens that could cause more disease with little real hope for cure (but more tests and procedures) are just a few other examples.
There is no easy cure for diseases that remain prevalent. The easy cures were few and long ago. We now have spending and spending and spendin…