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Less Datapalooza and More Team Member Support

Datapalooza is a celebration of advances in digitalization over the past decade. It is a chance to promote ideas, concepts, career opportunities, and merchandise. A call for papers could reward the right author with a publication - and even more attention. An academic approach to Datapalooza would critically consider whether the electronics movement has delivered or diverted with regard to the promises of improved health outcomes. There is good evidence that it has increased costs and has adversely impacted access to care where 40% and increasing proportions of Americans most lack access. 

Year after year since 2005 and before, there have been the same promises - lower health care costs, better outcomes, better patient satisfaction, and better team member satisfaction. Year after year it is apparent that there are more costs and complications from digitalization. Health care spending has more than doubled and entirely in areas that have not improved outcomes - subspecialty servic…