Not Easy Being Swiss Cheesy in Health Info Tech

It ain't easy being Swiss Cheezy as Data Breaches reach all time highs. New reports indicate 57 data breaches in November of 2016 with about 500,000 records exposed. 

More records were exposed in June (11 million) and in August (8.8 million).

Average delay in reporting has been about 135 days.

Inside jobs in businesses and in health care entities are more evident in the data breaches.

HITECH to ACA to MACRA has been high profit for software corporations, consultants, and criminal organizations while it has slashed productivity, revenue generation, and morale in the team members to deliver the care.

Overprediction and Underperformance

A ten year review of the literature indicates that the predicted savings from EHR and digitalization has never materialized. The costs were known to be substantial over a decade ago. The cost consequences to team members and to people and to health organizations were minimized. The changes benefited those that already had health information systems and disadvantaged those who did not - bigger and more organized over smaller and less organized.

Health Info Tech and Outsourcing

Clearly health info tech has resulted in dollars shifted via innovative health care designs away from care where needed where 40 - 50% of the US population is found to US counties with highest concentrations of health spending - and also outside of the US.
By looking at IT employment abroad in countries like India, and the numbers of workers American companies like IBM now employ overseas, Hira has come up with a rough estimate. He thinks as many as 1.5 million foreign workers could now be doing IT jobs for American companies.


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