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All True GME Reforms Point to Family Medicine

Hotspotting Has Many Spots To Consider - Simple Interpretations Are Inaccurate, Many Different Characteristics Shape the Outcomes, Not Just Geographic Location

Retail Clinic Recoil - Many Side Effects Can Be Anticipated, And More to Come

Global Fails Local But Local Focus Succeeds Globally

Domino Decline By Design - as ERs Close, Those Nearby Face Challenges, as Small or Rural Hospitals Close or Practices Where Needed...

Declines in Health Care Delivery Despite Increases in Health Spending - If We Keep Accelerating Non-Delivery Costs, We Can Continue to Remain Behind Health Care Demand

Health Care Delivery Is No Laughing Matter - Political Cartoons are Nice, but...

How Bad Health Design Has Been Sweeping the Nation - Designs must focus on care delivery, not compromise

Getting to Rural Practice and Do They Get Rural Practice - Getting to Rural Practice is more of a challenge than ever often becauses our designers duo not understand rural practice, rural people, the specialties needed, or the funding needed.

Have Resident Work Hours Limitations Helped? We now know that quality has not changed and we are seeing the consequences including compromise of health access.

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Too Many Clinicians in the United States - Three Dimensions of Non-Primary Care vs Zero Growth in Primary Care 1980 - 2010 – Too much is the rule for US health care costs with three dimensions of rapid growth of non-primary care – the care that cannot be regulated except through limitations of workforce.

Failure of Primary Care Is About Failure to Design Training and Payment Specific to Primary Care - Meeting Primary Care Needs in the Last Half of the 21st Century - A SMART plan actually indicates how the US can meet primary care needs. All that is required is a focus upon specific primary care result rather than primary care that is 70% not primary care in result.
Blogs indicate that primary care can be recovered and should be recovered, but it will take 30 consistent class years of improvement for actual recovery. We have to have at least one to begin.

Dr. Bowman is the North American Co-Editor of Rural and Remote Health. He was the founding chair of the Rural Medical Educators Group of the National Rural Health Association and the long term chair of the STFM Group on Rural Health.


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