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Three Dimensions of Non-Primary Care vs Zero Growth in Primary Care 1980 - 2010 – Too much is the rule for US health care costs with three dimensions of rapid growth of non-primary care – the care that cannot be regulated except through limitations of workforce.

Meeting Primary Care Needs in the Last Half of the 21st Century - Really! – A SMART plan actually indicates how the US can meet primary care needs. All that is required is a focus upon specific primary care result rather than primary care that is 70% not primary care in result.

Major Journals Fail Primary Care Once Again - Major journals have slipped in another article that apparently was designed for controversy and for widespread distribution to media outlets. The title of this Health Affairs article is not original  - "Higher Fees Paid to US Physicians Drive Higher Spending for Physician Services as Compared to Other Countries." Health Affairs published the bait. Media outlets such as the NY Times were hooked.
Finance-me-cratic Constants in the Bureaucratic Universe - America has come to a standstill in many important areas - health, education, leadership, and more. Recessions have always found ways to blame any number of individuals or types of people. In fact, recessions have a common cause involving the relationship between finance-me-crats, aristocrats, and bureaucrats.

What is Killing US is Not Four Diseases Focus - The Myth for the Cure and others in the Disease Focused Crowd Are Now Selling Four Diseases to the United States and to the World Health Organization. What is Killing US is greed, stress, ignoring the needs of children, and ignoring the development of human infrastructure. 

Does Primary Care Experience Matter? Few studies critique primary care workforce sources - especially the popular sources promoted as primary care solutions. The public receives information via the media that is even more distorted and promotional in nature. One area to consider is experience in primary care delivery. Readers are cautioned that experience in primary care may not translate to quality for any number of reasons, but experience may be important to certain populations, workforce designers, and those in need of the most complex primary care delivery. Those most experienced in primary care contribute substantially to primary care continuity teams. It is difficult to see how continuity is aided by primary care sources with the least experience in primary care and with the least retention within specific primary care practices.

Accelerating Cycles of Primary Care Decline – When factors intersect progressively, the primary care result is much greater decline. With less revenue on the way and more distortions of primary care trained graduates away from primary care, more cycles of decline are coming.

Exploring the Health Consequences of Disease Focus - The past 30 years have been cost cutting designs in the US. Past leaders have shaped health care focused ever more on disease, subspecialty, and academic interests.
Blogs indicate that primary care can be recovered and should be recovered, but it will take 30 consistent years of improvement for actual recovery. We have to have at least one to begin.

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Dr. Bowman is the North American Co-Editor of Rural and Remote Health. He was the founding chair of the Rural Medical Educators Group of the National Rural Health Association, he was the long term chair of the STFM Group on Rural Health, he is the founding director of Priority Infrastructure at and he is the author of the World of Rural Medical Education, and Physician Workforce Studies


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