Address Discrimination to Address Burnout

Where family physicians are most important, payment is less by design, the population is more complex, local colleagues are fewest, and the local support resources are lowest. The outcomes are more likely to be lower because of inherent social, local, and other non-clinical determinants of health - the most powerful influences. Also innovation, regulation, digitalization, and certification costs are higher as are turnover costs.

This is another in a series of posters illustrating that it will take more than words to bring Basic Health Access to half of Americans with low to no access by design.

AAFP must address the needs of members in their most important areas. We work hard at what we do and we need more support. 

We need associations to focus on Triple Threat rather than addressing all of the consequences of Triple Threat. Support for what we do is too low by design, costs of delivering care are accelerating by designs often supported by our associations, and complexity is being made far worse than necessary as is also supported by our associations.

Support us, not the policies, procedures, 
constant changes, and regulations that abuse us.

Associations need to focus upstream on the real problems, not downstream on the consequences such as burnout, low morale, departures from primary care, limitations of hours, declining productivity, fewer colleagues and replacements, and much more.

The Red Zone indicates those most likely to be planning to reduce hours and planning to leave their current practice. This is linked to higher burnout.  (Reproduction of original article and graphic)

The Red Zone specialties are the heart of the heartland. They are the heroes of health care. They have stood fast and taken the abuses for far too long. The Red Zone specialties are most important for most Americans and least important for the fewest. Even the Green Zone specialties support higher payment for Red Zone services - as long as their payments are not cut.

Most Americans should win at least some of the time - not lose time after time.


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