Surviving the Pessimists and Optimists to Deliver Real Health Care

Pessimists include politicians, micromanagers, insurance payers - those that devalue those who deliver the health care or any that try to hold them accountable.

Optimists sit at home optimizing care on spreadsheets and have difficulty separating assumption from reality but that does not stop their abusive policies and regulations.

Realists are those out there delivering care, constantly adjusting in one on one interactions with patients as always, but they must now adjust to the resource deficits from the pessimists and to the innovative regulatory distractions of the optimists.

For us realists, health care is our life. And we are tired of the abuses of the pessimists and the optimists. Let our people and our patients go.
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Triple Threat is the enemy of health access. 
  • Pessimistic revenue kept too low. 
  • Optimistic tinkering accelerating costs of delivery. 
  • Challenging patient complexity made worse by meaningless added practice complexity.
Patient complexity addressed is the heart of health care delivery and there is nothing better when team members are supported in what they do. 

The highest level of evidence should be required of pessimists and optimists - but not even the basics are required as with human subject researchers.
  • Beneficent intent
  • Protection of vulnerable populations
  • Informed consent 
Make no mistake - there is experimentation and not for beneficent intent and with impacts greatest on those most vulnerable who have no say over what has been happening for decades.


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