Health Care Who Is it Good For?

Fortune 500   Top 10 in Health, Overall Rank, CEO Salary 2015

  1. CVS - 10th
  2. McKesson - 11th
  3. United Health Group - 15th  15 million for CEO salary
  4. Amerisource Bergen - 16th
  5. Express Scripts - 22nd      13 million for CEO salary
  6. Cardinal Health - 26th
  7. Walgreens Boots Alliance - 35th
  8. Johnson and Johnson- 25th
  9. Anthem (was Wellpoint) - 38th   14 million
  10. Aetna - 49th  15 m

CEO Salaries

Health care been very good to insurance company CEOs with salaries at 7 to 30 million. Health CEOS lead all industries in salary 5 of 6 years in one ranking and fall behind finance and telecommunication in other rankings.  
Isn't it great to see your health care dollars well spent, or your cable payments diverted?

Others by rank

Humana - 10 million CEO salary
Merck - 25 m
Cigna - 15 m
Rite Aid
Gilead Sciences - 19 m
Abbott- 18 m
Community Health Systems - 26 m
Amgen - 14 m
Tenet Healthcare - 18 m
Baxter International - 15 m
Bristol Myers Squibb - 27 m
DaVita HealthCare Partners - 14 m
Wellcare Health Plans - 5 m
Health Net - 13 million CEO Salary
All of these are higher ranked in the Fortune 500 than Facebook (#242)

Mergers and acquisitions have greatly restrained competition, resulting in only a few options for insurance, drugs, pharmacies, and supplies - which drives up costs and profits and CEO salaries and Fortune 500 Rankings.
Most states only have 3 - 5 major health insurance players. And they can do what they want by shaping laws and legislators.

But sometimes there is a clash of the Titans as Express Scripts and Anthem lock horns over who profits most.

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