Safety Net Should Sunset and Front Line Access Must Rise

The right wording is important to communicate important concepts such as health access. After decades of marginalization, health access must arise. New terms are required.

Front line is the proper term to combine with access. Front line access communicates the challenges met head on and in the most dimensions.

We do not have "safety net" soldiers, or police, or teachers, or nurses. We have front line human infrastructure active and strong in serving person to person. To protect and serve fits across the front line.

Nets have gaps, are passive, reflect the past, and include some of the largest and most impersonal facilities in the nation. Those largest and with the most lines of revenue benefit from "safety net." Critically important primary care must rise as the front line that it is.

"Safety net" must sunset. 

Front Line Health Access
  • CHCs, RHCs, FQHCs, and FPs all represent the front line of health access. New reports continue to reinforce what we have known for decades. Family practice MD, DO, NP, and PA are the essential workforce for CHCs. It is family practice that is desired and required.
  • Family physicians and health centers are multiple times more likely to provide care where needed, distributing services according to the distribution of the population. Other providers concentrate where workforce is already concentrated.
Front Line Assertiveness
  • Access no longer is passive. Access must reach into homes and communities, working with entire populations.
Front Line Protection and Coverage
  • A true foundation for our health care system must not have gaps, cracks, poor maintenance, or missing foundation across any segment of the population - something tolerated for far too long.
  • Front line coverage should also address a major myth in health care of our time - the assumption that insurance coverage is access. Current insurance coverage for primary care is weak, passive and not capable of empowering primary care to protection, coverage, aggression, and continuity even if every person had coverage
Access is person to person - not an insurance contract, especially current ones.

A leader will find it difficult to articulate a coherent vision unless it expresses his core values, his basic identity…. one must first embark on the formidable journey of self-discovery in order to create a vision with authentic soul.
Safety net is done. The time for front line health access has come. 
Be proud to be a front liner. Pound the pavement until the entire nation has a front liner as a continuity source of care. 

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Primary care can be recovered and should be recovered,
but not when moving the wrong directions


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